hardigan-miku's ink by tomvonlucky and Guy Rubicon (Rubicon Tattoo Parlor, Belgium)

hardigan-miku's ink by tomvonlucky and Guy Rubicon (Rubicon Tattoo Parlor, Belgium)

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by Lucio Ramirez at “Tintas de Acero”, Monterrey, México.

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Commissioned painting from a month or so ago

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The devil made me do it. #baphomoz (at Captured Tattoo)

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eldiabloesguapo: My Morrissey Doodle By:@diabolicalminds (not done) Thank you jesse I love it! #Morrissey #Moz #MozPorVida #Tattoo

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A variation of a design from my Morrissey flash sheet.
Thanks again Sarah!

Justin Dion, Portland Oregon

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I asked you nicely and you act like an ashole. So maturely....

Asked by Anonymous

After being interpreted as having acted out of order by several other dull as dust tumblr bumpkins, you decide you agree and come around to say so, banging your trusty rusty gong. I could not care less how you misunderstand me. I hope you get that silly tattoo, because as you do, it will be my caring reproach resounding in your ears, just beneath the needle’s buzz. You can’t forget what I said and years down the line when you realize how common as sod your choice was, again you’ll think of me and how I tried to spare you some regret, be-gayy-4-me.

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Hey! Got a question! Im thinking of getting some tattoo. What do you think about: "We accept the love we think we deserve"? Its a quote from movie "perks of being a wallflower"

Asked by be-gay-4-me

It’s a quote from Chbosky’s book the movie was based on and it was not written by Morrissey (have you read his Autobiography? His letters? His interviews? Anything besides what lazily appears in tumblr.com/tagged/morrissey?) In short, you could tattoo it lovingly across your face and it would still go unnoticed here as the relevance is nil and what’s worse it’s the equivalent of tattooing there is a light that never goes out upon yourself. Trite. But as you can see, trite will always be a fashionable trend. A fashion lacking style. As it always will. And sadly so will anyone who makes such silly decisions. Please, save your life.

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cobwebsongravestones: Happy birthday :) also a tbt. Tattoo stabbed in by @blkhanded

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Camera: Photo Booth
Exif Data Zoom ironicanomaly: ❤moz❤

ironicanomaly: ❤moz❤

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Soba and ice cream date with my friend Fredi :)

ps. if you’re in NY and want to go on a food adventure with me get in touch!  I’m looking to turn this into a series. insuhyoon@gmail.com

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flower-crushed's new tattoo

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I updated my webstore with the last of the Hatful of Hollow/Morrissey prints I had been selling in person at conventions/guest spots. These will be the last of the prints until I decide to do another run of them. Please get them while they last, I don’t want to have to move them to NYC with me. I also have a few originals up for sale on my webstore too. So please check out:

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